How to Use ChatGPT Writer features in Gmail for Composing and Replying to Emails?

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ChatGPT Writer, when used in Gmail, provides a unique approach to composing new emails and replying to existing ones. This guide explains how to use ChatGPT Writer for these purposes, emphasizing its interactive generation of email content.

Composing a New Email with ChatGPT Writer

  • Starting a New Email: Click the ‘Compose’ button in Gmail to open a new email window.

  • Opening ChatGPT Writer: Click the ChatGPT icon in the email compose toolbar to open the ChatGPT Writer tool.

  • Generating the Email Content:
    • Email content: In case of generating a new email keep the email content empty.

  • Input Your Email Brief: In the textbox labeled "Briefly enter what you want to email," type in a brief description of what your email should be about.

  • Generate the Email: Click the 'Generate Email' button. ChatGPT Writer will create an email based on your prompt.

  • Regenerate if Necessary: If the generated message doesn't meet your expectations, click 'Generate Email' again until you get a satisfactory result.

  • Inserting the Generated Message:
    • Insert into Email: Once happy with the message, click the 'Insert' button. ChatGPT Writer will place the generated message into your email composition box.

  • Personalize Your Email: Review and personalize the message as needed.

  • Sending the Email: Add the recipient's email address in the 'To' section, include any CC if necessary, and click ‘Send’.

Replying to Emails with ChatGPT Writer

  • Choosing an Email to Reply To: Open the email thread you want to respond to in Gmail.

  • Initiating a Reply: Click on the ‘Reply’ button to open the reply textbox.

  • Using ChatGPT Writer for Replies:
    • Activate ChatGPT Writer: Click on the ChatGPT icon in the toolbar. The ChatGPT Writer tool will appear.

  • Email Context Auto-Insertion: The email you're replying to will automatically be inserted into the email context box of the tool.

  • Generate Your Reply: Briefly describe your intended reply in the tool and click the ‘Generate Reply’ button. ChatGPT Writer will create a reply based on your input.

  • Finalizing and Sending the Reply:
    • Regenerate if Needed: If the reply isn't what you expected, click 'Generate Reply' again until satisfied.

  • Insert the Reply: Once happy with the generated reply, click 'Insert'. The reply will be added to your email chain.

  • Review and Personalize: Carefully check the reply, make any personal adjustments, and then click ‘Send’.


Simultaneously, ChatGPT Writer's AI-driven email composition capability streamlines the process of creating context-appropriate content. This innovative tool adapts to the nuances of your communication needs, generating relevant and efficient responses. It significantly reduces the time and effort required in drafting emails, making your interactions in Gmail not only more effective but also more efficient.

Together, these features transform the way you manage email communication in Gmail, ensuring that every message you send is both impactful and impeccably written.

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