How to Summarize with ChatGPT Writer: Simplify Your Reading

Modified on Wed, 10 Apr 2024 at 01:40 PM


Are you drowning in lengthy articles, emails, or web content? ChatGPT Writer is here to rescue your precious time by providing quick and concise summaries. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using ChatGPT Writer to summarize content effortlessly.

Step 1: Select and Copy

Begin your journey to simplified reading by selecting and copying the content you want to summarize. It could be a webpage, an email, an article, or any text you wish to condense.

Step 2: Launch the Extension

Now, let's launch ChatGPT Writer Extension:

  • ChatGPT Writer Extension can be effortlessly launched in multiple ways, giving you flexibility and convenience. Let's explore these methods:
    • Activate via Extension Bar: Locate and click on the ChatGPT Writer icon situated in the extension bar of your Gmail interface. This simple action will promptly open the ChatGPT Writer tool, ready to enhance your email composition experience. Click here to learn more
    • Set up a Keyboard Shortcut: For those who prefer shortcuts, you can set up a custom keyboard shortcut to launch ChatGPT Writer. This means you can open the extension with a quick key combination, saving you even more time. Click here to learn more
    • Access via Gmail Reply Toolbar: If you're actively using Gmail, look for the ChatGPT Writer logo in the Gmail reply toolbar. A single click on this logo will activate ChatGPT Writer, allowing you to effortlessly refine your email responses. Click here to learn more

With these versatile methods at your disposal, launching ChatGPT Writer Extension is a breeze, and you can learn more about each method by clicking on the provided links.

Step 3: Paste the Content

After the extension is launched, paste the content you selected into the email context textbox. If you use the highlighter method to launch the extension, the content will be automatically pasted for you.

  • Click here to learn more about using the highlighter method.

Step 4: Write a Prompt

In the text box provided, write a prompt that instructs the ChatGPT Writer to summarize the content. For example, you can simply write: 'Summarize it.'

Step 5: Generate the Summary

Now comes the magic moment. Click on the generate button, and ChatGPT Writer will swiftly summarize your message, article, or email. The result will be a concise and easy-to-understand summary that saves you valuable reading time.

Step 6: Regenerate (Optional)

If you want to fine-tune the summary or explore different angles, you can easily regenerate the message by clicking on the regenerate button. ChatGPT Writer gives you the flexibility to refine the summary to your liking.

Congratulations! You've successfully summarized your messages, emails, or articles with ChatGPT Writer, streamlining your reading experience and making complex content more accessible.

With ChatGPT Writer by your side, you can breeze through extensive texts with ease, gaining insights without the information overload. Say goodbye to information overwhelm and hello to efficient reading!

Stay tuned for more articles on how to make the most of ChatGPT Writer's incredible features. Happy summarizing!

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